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E-commerce Package


E-commerce Package

Orgenen's E-commerce web Package is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to sell and market their products online using shopping cart systems to provide customers with the ability to order your goods using the Internet.

Free - Orgenen configured CMS

This configured and maintained application ( Joomla! ) gives you the ability to update your website 24/7.

E-commerce Features
  • Shopping cart
  • Ability to Add/Update products and content
  • Automatic customer email system
  • Contact Form
  • Site Statistics
  • Basic Site Template
  • Product updating creating/editing/removal

CMS Features
  • Database driven web site: Power your site with the ability to offer dynamic content, interactive pages and more
  • Content editor: Similar to using a word processing program
  • Media management: Upload, name and delete media and include it into web pages
  • Independent navigation: Link to pages, blogs, forms search pages and more with the navigation tool
  • Search facility: Give users the ability to search through your sites content
  • Pathways: Give your users the ability to back track through pages
  • Integration: Include new functionality into your site
  • Daily backups: valuable data backed up every night to ensure that data can be retrieved

Mail accounts

  • 250 E-mail accounts
  • Up to 10 mail accounts are set up for your enterprise prior to your site going live
  • 25 MySql databases
  • You also have the ability to add, remove and modify E-mail accounts

Application service hosting

  • 12 month subscription to Orgenen's premium server managed hosting service
  • 1,000 Megabytes of storage space
  • 50,000 Megabytes of monthly data transfer

Control panel software

  • Manage E-mail accounts
  • View site statistics and reports
  • Web accessible E-mail
  • Domain parking
  • SSL manager

* Free Domain

Your choice of one of the following extensions;
.com, .net, .biz, .info
* Depends on domain availability.

Page and site structure creation service

  • Up to 7 pages created
  • Content and images must be provided. Please note; image creation is not included.

Site template

One Standard site template will provided and included within your website for the look and feel of your web presence.

Site navigation

Site navigation for your web presence is created to ensure your content is found by website users.

Shop Demo

Live Shop Demo

Orgenen has setup a live shop demonstration version of Joomla! CMS to allow your business to tryout the application before making a purchase.

To access the live shop demonstration please click here.

Admin Demo

Orgenen has setup a demonstration version of Joomla! CMS to allow your business to tryout the application before making a purchase.

Feel free to create pages and make changes.

Please note: alternative content editors for this CMS application are available.

Login information

Username: demo
Password: demo

To access the administration section of the demonstration please click here.

Joomla Logo
Joomla! is a leading open source content management system with powerful features with integrated simplicity.

Joomla! is one of the worlds most known and trusted Open Source web based Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Joomla! is a point and click system that gives the user the power over their web content.

No knowledge of coding is required when using Joomla!. If you are familiar with using Word processing software, then using Joomla! for image inclusion or website content modification / creation will be no problem.

Content Management System A diagram of how Joomla! is structured and interacts with web users and system users.
The content management system separates content, navigation and design to enable independent features, giving you a very customisable web site.  


Purchase options

Option 1

Up front purchase

Purchase your website solution upfront and have your hosting plan upgraded for free.

Option 2

Pay by the month

Would you like to pay by the month for your web solution?

Orgenen has teamed up with Ezi-debit Australia to allow your business to pay your solution by the month.

If you would like to find out more about Orgenen's pay by the month facility, please Contact Orgenen.

Payment types

  • Bank deposit
  • Credit card
Single transaction

Acceptance Mark
PayPal ( please use $AU Australian dollars )
  • Send funds electronically using your credit card.
  • All funds are traceable, immediate and convenient, use third party secure systems.


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